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Liam Keever
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burr ridge, IL 

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Please bookmark this page in your web browser as you will find cause to refer to it many times in the week. My name is Liam and I have started this site to keep you out of pain. Click Here to read about this site. If you scroll down, below you will find the many free classes that are offered on this site.

The Vitality Series

A free five-week experiential series designed to help you locate and recover your mental and physical Vitality.  Click on the picture above or click here to enter the Vitality Series!


The Heal Thyself Series

(201) 526-4848

A full free series of nine classes designed to train you in the systematic release of every part of your body.  This series will teach you techniques to heal your chronic pain and develop a new healthier relationship with gravity. Click on the lightening to enter. Or Click Here!

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chronic pain : non surgical face lifts
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Connective Tissue Face-Lifts


chronic pain : carpal tunnel syndrome & thoracic outlet syndrome 1
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


chronic pain : carpal tunnel syndrome & thoracic outlet syndrome 2
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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


Free Class!
The Art of Focus


The Heart Journals


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